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Fleet Tracking

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Any Type of Vehicles
  • Powerful Reports

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What can Pro-Traq do for your industry?

    Prevent loss of expensive equipment. Monitor PTO or mixing times.
    Let parents view where their student’s activity bus is. Verify that your drivers are taking the right route.  Know when all of your busses have returned to the garage.
    Automate your IFTA reports. Know exactly when your truck will arrive to hook up a load.  Make sure your drivers aren’t speeding.
  • TAXI:
    Give your drivers the security of you always knowing where they are. Prove actual mileage to resolve a dispute.  Dispatch your nearest cab.
    Know where you left off seeding yesterday. Monitor engine hours.  Manage your operators’ performance.

We offer basic installation for $49 per unit with a discount for multiple vehicles.  If you wish to install yourself, we provide instructions, advice and all the remote assistance you need.  We have personally installed in hundreds of vehicles so we will bring our experience to your vehicles.

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